Switch provides advice to property developers, body corporates and building owners on the most suitable network structure for their assets.

Embedded networks can be established in larger assets where the asset owner has ownership on control over the lines used to transport electricity to end user tenants. A demarcation reconciliation point may be created at the entry to the asset and terminates the lines companies right to trade on those lines. A bulk purchasing approach can then be taken to lines charges from the local network company. Any retailer with a use agreement may trade on those lines. These networks are highly regulated. Switch implements and manages embedded networks on behalf of building owners.

Our “Embedded or Customer – What type of network is the best for you?” paper will be available for download soon.


Pricing Disclosures

Included in this disclosure section are the Switch Tariff Methodology documents and Pricing Plans for the current Embedded Networks being managed by Switch Utilities (SULN). Retailers should choose the applicable tariff for each customer being supplied within the respective Embedded network.

As new Embedded networks are added to the Switch utilities portfolio the applicable Tariff Schedules and pricing Plans will be added here