Building Energy Management Systems Technology (BEMS)

eco|Driver™ is an enabling system that allows organisations to understand how and when energy is being used in their buildings in real time to support efficiency programs.

Effective energy savings programs that improve building efficiency and influence people’s behaviour require more detailed data than a monthly energy invoice.  It is important to understand specific energy usage patterns for key building components such as heating, cooling, lighting and energy sources that are directly controlled by staff.

eco|Driver™ allows virtually any energy source or utility; electricity, water or gas to be monitored in real-time against usage profiles that can provide automatic warnings when consumption exceeds expectations.  eco|Driver™ captures usage data every 30 minutes from any meters equipped with a pulse output and also any electricity circuit where the cabling can be accessed.  This means that major HVAC plant, lighting or any other electricity sources can be individually measured intra-day, daily, weekly or monthly to understand operational profiles and trending so that building settings can be optimised.

Reporting for energy use and carbon generation is available via a web-based reporting module and live usage information can be publicly displayed on LCD displays to keep staff aware of energy use and performance against targets.

eco|Driver™ was developed in the United Kingdom and has been implemented by councils, major government organisations, schools, building managers and industrial customers.

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