Think you are ready to Switch but don’t know where to start? Call us now on 0800-SWITCH (0800 794 824) or select one of the options below and submit a join form online.

Switching is easy! The steps to change are – we need to understand your current bill, we prepare a quotation that indicated costs and projected savings (if applicable), you agree – and then we take care of notifying your current retailer and complete our new customer processes.

For larger assets, we will visit you, make a proper assessment of your needs and engage our technical team as required. It’s our team and service that makes the difference. The energy is the same as everyone elses.

AJ Stevenson Joining Form

Switch have teamed up with the AJ Stevenson Group to ensure that your electricity supply is simple and easy. Joining Switch is easy. Simply fill out the quick form below and we’ll take care of everything. Use this form if you went through one of the following property management companies:

  • Changberlain Realty Limited
  • JCMC Realty Limited, Reverse Realty Limited
  • S K Group Ltd
  • SO OK Realty Limited